Veka and Lowe continue the Dr. Fenster saga Posted on

Bucharest, august 28th 2015

There are investments which you only make once, but which remain forever. Windows are such an investment.

This is the main message of the “VEKA. Class A windows” campaign signed by Lowe. The campaign was implemented between August 14th and September 30th and included TV and online materials aimed to continue the educational effort that VEKA, as a leading provider of systems for PVC insulating windows production, have assumed since two years ago: the education of the audience regarding transforming costs into investments.

Continuing the 2014 communication, this year’s campaign focused on the concepts of efficiency and intelligent investment. Already a well-known expert in quality windows, Doctor Fenster continued the dialogue with its public, to whom he explains that the main benefits of class A profiles: resistance, safety, long life and savings.

TV executions are completed by the website and by an easy to follow infographic that offers extended info about the benefits of VEKA joiner windows.

“Through this campaign we wanted to reaffirm VEKA as the exclusive class A windows provider and to educate the public about the importance of choosing the right type of window. It is a long term mission that we accept as we always want to offer our clients the most relevant and detailed information while showing them how an expense can be transformed into an investment. Lowe is our long term partner in this endeavor to explain, in a creative and friendly manner, the benefits of long term investments, as the acquisition of a quality windows is”, says Alexandru Oancea, VEKA Marketing Manager.  

“The Veka Class A Windows campaign talks about a universe that gravitates around the window as the essential element of a household. We are continuing the Dr. Fenster campaign started last year, but this time we added a new component in which we explain the importance of choosing the right window as a long term investment”, added Alina Balan, Client Service Director, Lowe.

The media strategy is signed by BPN and it aims at generating awareness for the quality of the VEKA products, using TV as main channel doubled by online.

Golin is responsible for the PR strategy, built on a strong social media component.

Magnetic Studios managed the implementation of the campaign’s online component.

Alexandru Oancea (Marketing Manager) represents VEKA, while Vasile Alboiu (Chief Creative Officer), Manuela Gogu, Alexandru Micu, Maria Nagy, Vlad Emandi, Alina Balan, Alina Floroian and Andra Panaitescu represent the Lowe team.

The BPN team members are:  Diana Oancea (Digtial Media Manager) and Bogdan Mincu (Media Integrator Manager).

Roxana Diba (Manager), Livia Voicu (Senior Media Associate), Raluca Duta (Chief of the Bridge™) and Diana Voicu (Junior Digital Marketing Specialists) represented Golin.

Alexandru Baduca (Project Manager), Vlad Pana (Team Leader), Vlad Sava (Front End Developer) and Ionuț Grigorescu (Chief Technology Officer) are from Magnetic Studios.