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Lowe&Partners and HyperActive capture the magic of Christmas in a glass of Stella Artois

Bucharest, December 11, 2012. Lowe&Partners and HyperActive are planning special moments for the holidays in a new campaign for Stella Artois. The authentic feature of the beer brand, originally crafted for Christmas, inspired the two agencies to make surprises to all those in love with the month of December.

In more that 25 Carrefour, Cora and Real stores, Lowe&Partners staged a winter story. The highlight of the setting was a reversed glass which reminded of the childhood’s snow globe. The glass was watched by Snow Fairies, specially trained hostesses, and sheltered a family gathered around the Christmas tree in the midst of snow. Until the end of the year, everyone who buys Stella Artois have the chance to win instantly instore Christmas cards, bookmarks and tree decorations.

“The name Stella means star in latin and was first created to celebrate Christmas. We wanted to bring our consumers closer to the beginnings of the brand and send them in the place where Stella Artois’ journey started – in Belgium -, just in time for Christmas”, said the representatives of Stella Artois.

Everyone who buys Stella Artois during the campaign, until December 30, can win 2 trips for 2 in Belgium, the home country of Stella.

“We tried to offer the consumers some of the magic of Stella Artois which has been part with the brand for hundreds of years now. We staged our Christmas story in a set-up with fairies, winter globes, snow and presents, and so to get to people’s hearts and bring them more near to the fabulous world of Stella Artois”, said Corina Angearu, Account Manager, Lowe&Partners.

The campaign is also running online. The Romanian band Moonlight Breakfast recorded a special track exclusively for the Christmas campaign which has been used, with Hyperactive’s help, in a Facebook app, that represents an actual e-card.

“Gingerbread, the song played by Moonlight Breakfast, is a special moment that gives you that sparkle, that smile, that good feeling you need during the holidays. It is also a 3D experience which is happening inside a glass of Stella Artois and can be sent to your friends and family. You cand find it here,” said Alexandra Trofin, Account Manager, HyperActive.