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Being one of the first advertising agencies opened in Romania, Lowe set the tone of a show which became one of the biggest communication groups on the market
Lowe Romania celebrates today the first two decades of advertising and innovation, of memorable campaigns and premieres which generated some real trends. 20 years of advertising mean hundreds of campaigns and TV ads, thousands of hours of footage, thousands of film rolls, dozens of awards in the most important local and international advertising festivals, hundreds of employees. And especially hundreds of clients, with some of them the Lowe Group had signed long lasting partnerships approaching 20 years.

One of the first full service advertising agencies from Romania was hitting the road in 1993 under the name of Plus Advertising, guided by Veronica Savanciuc and Paul Radu. In 1995 the agency was joining the international network Lintas, member of Interpublic, one of the biggest communication holdings in the world. Today, Lowe is part of one of the most creative and valuable global networks, Lowe&Partners Worldwide.
“It is a moment of great excitement and joy for us, because we remember especially now how it all began: on a cold day in February 1993 with seven people and two Apple Macintosh computers. But with the strong faith in a dream, that if we are a true team, if we have passion, talent and dedication, we can make history. Over 500 hundred beautiful people, creative and so different were part of the Lowe Romania story over the years. Here we are, 20 years later: we are seven companies, each recognized and awarded in it’s field”, says Veronica Savanciuc, President & CEO Lowe Romania.
Lowe signed the communication strategies for launching some new brands on the market, today well known names- Raiffeisen Bank, Unilever, Nestea, Tuborg, Gothaer, Staropramen; handled successfully rebrandings like Dero, Rexona, Adesgo, Kinder Surprise and created historical campaigns, which we are still talking about today – “AMIGO and you are as new”, “You and Tuborg”, “Timisoreana. The story goes on”, “Read a book!” (campaign for the Minister of Culture), the image campaign for the International Film Festival DaKino (2006).

As a pioneer of the Romanian advertising and trainer of the industry, Lowe is a chartered member in all the important associations: IAA, RAC, RAA, UAPR, BRAT or ARMA. The president of the Lowe Group, Veronica Savanciuc, today member of the International Advertising Association Senate (IAA), holds 3 mandates as IAA Romania President and was named Women’s Personality of the Decade in Romanian Advertising, in 2003.

The Group, today consists of seven companies, is known on the market for its long lasting partnerships with its clients: Unilever was from the first day one of Lowe’s clients, which means that we can talk today about one of the longest partnerships between an agency and a client in Romania; Johnson&Johnson, Lowe and Initiative work together for almost 18 years; Electrolux is GolinHarris’s client for over 11 years, Wrigley is SeniorHyper’s client for 8 years and Orange Romania is Lowe Group’s client for 9 years.

Today, the Lowe Group means seven agencies, in which over 200 hundred people make a team with complementary competences, strongly anchored in digital and mobile, who obsessively search THE IDEA. Each of them marks at least a premiere on the local market, in it’s domain:

Initiative is the first multinational full service media agency from Romania and the first media agency with a digital department. The Initiative team signs for the last 15 years the only complete analysis of the local media market, the already famous Media Fact Book;

Medic One is the first company from Romania specialized in healthcare communication and the first local agency which own a Gold Effie in the Pharmaceuticals category;

BPN is the newest media agency launched by IPG Mediabrands. The BPN network has offices in 21 countries, including USA and works with over 250 clients around the world. BPN brings a new model of organizing a media agency, addressing the media strategies in terms of brand and new developments in social media, integrating traditional media channels with the digital ones;

GolinHarris is the first agency from Romania to revolutionize the traditional PR agency model, introducing an innovative business vision called g4, a business matrix focused on talent and hyper specialization; it is also the only agency which holds The Bridge™, a multimedia communication hub unique in the global PR industry;

SeniorHyper is the leader of the digital advertising market from Romania with a team of 55 digital specialists, with an expertise of 10 years in the market, both in local and international.

Mobile Works is the first mobile marketing and the only one with it’s own technology lab. Also, it is the first on the market which implemented a project of Augmented Reality at a national level.

“We are today seven creative agencies, harmonized through beliefs and spectacular in synchronization, part of some prestigious global networks. Lowe became over the years a strong group, integrated, a complementary business with strong companies in all the communication areas: creation, media, PR, digital, mobile, healthcare communication. We have always innovated and we have thought new business models. We are ready and keen to do this every day also in the future”, says Veronica Savanciuc, President & CEO Lowe Romania.

Lowe is one of the biggest communication groups from Romania. Established 20 years ago, once with the launch of the advertising agency Lowe&Partners, one of the first advertising agencies on the romanian market, Lowe means today seven companies, each covering a certain specialization: Lowe & Partners (advertising), Initiative (media), GolinHarris (PR), SeniorHyper (digital advertising), Medic One (healthcare communication), BPN (media), Mobile Works (mobile marketing).

The companies work both independently, as specialists in their domain of activity, and also together in any combination necessary for integrated communication campaigns.
The Lowe Group is IPG partner, one of the biggest communication groups in the world, from New York, USA.