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As of May 2015, Bogdan Ionita is Lowe’s  new Director of Strategy and coordinates our research, planning and strategy teams, that deliver together solutions to integrated briefs for our clients, including all communication channels: traditional, digital, BTL and experiential. He has already worked with clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Scandia Food, Unilever, VEKA or ZIZIN, and has contributed to new wins such as AFI Palace Malls and SKOL.

„When I started working in advertising, the first exercise I did was to play with a chair, trying to find a new angle to look at it. I truly believe in perspectives, in people’s capacity to look at a problem from all possible angles. This is an exercise that proves that we can solve problems that seem impossible.  When it comes to planning, finding new perspectives is vital; you need to understand every small detail about the target in order to be able to find that particular insight. I equally believe in the effectiveness of taking small steps. You simply cannot set objectives that a brand can only reach within a year and aim to accomplish them over night. However, you should set the objective of being the best every day. Once you manage to combine these two theories, you have found the way to success. Moreover, in Lowe I found people that have the same beliefs.” says Bogdan Ionita.

Ionita has worked in both local and multinational agencies, for brands from a diverse range of industries: telecom, beer, chocolate, energy drinks, pastry industry, banking and tobacco.

“The combination of courage, eagerness for innovation, attention to details and a hyper analytical and rational way of thinking is what I most admire about Bogdan… I was also impressed with his skills as a mathematician and his interest for poker. Furthermore, he thinks and lives in a way that represent the Lowe spirit, something that is very important to us. During the last two months, since we’ve been working together, we won three pitches. So the results speak for themselves.”, said Hortensia Nastase, Vice President of Creative Services at Lowe.

Hiring Bogdan Ionita came shortly after Vasile Alboiu was named the Chief Creative Officer of the Lowe Group, coordinating the activity of all the creative teams within the group. This large team run by Alboiu ensures a complete communication perspective, which includes traditional creative projects as well as digital, PR and BTL, incorporated in a creative and modern product.