Lowe creates Gothaer’s IMMens launching campaign Posted on

Regardless of the field in which a business operates, there are moments that cannot be anticipated and therefore it is better to be prepared for anything. You know your business, Gothaer knows what insurance suits it best, and Lowe is the agency that tells the entire story.

„ For the launch of Gothaer’s dedicated IMMens package, we wanted to emphasize the experience we have in corporate insurance, the flexibility of our offers and the fact that clients can chose what better suits their business, considering the specific risks in their field. Lowe team helped us present these messages through a creative and simple manner for all seven business categories we are looking at for this type of customized insurance packages”, says Ilona Alexandru, Marketing & Communication Director, Gothaer.

For the IMMens insurance package launch, Lowe prepared a campaign rooted in the advantages of the products: flexibility and specificity  correlated with the chosen industry.

„Together with the Client, we’ve decided to illustrate the types of insurances included in the IMMens package using small moulded figures, in order to highlight the flexibility Gothaer shows towards the SME sector. Customization is a result of the deep understanding that Gothaer has regarding its clients’ businesses and it translates into insurance solutions covering a wide range of situations”, added Alina Balan, Client Service Director, Lowe.