The 50-year calendar, the new MullenLowe campaign for VEKA Posted on

Bucharest, 8th August 2017

Page by page, VEKA and MullenLowe have collected 50 years of durability of the PVC profile thermo-insulating window frames, A class exclusive, in the new campaign „The 50-year calendar”. Starting from this basic feature of VEKA windows and the main benefits of the products, MullenLowe has reunited each page of the company’s expertise in a 2-meter long calendar with 18,256 pages which can hold a place of honor in any family’s house.

Thus, the 50-year calendar became the main character of the campaign developed by MullenLowe for VEKA, which features in a humorous video the life of the Munteanu family, investing in German quality solution, thus in the confort, safety and durability of A class products.

“We chose a strong visual component to talk to the public about the VEKA differentiator: the durability of A class profile frames. 50 years became the key element in drawing the consumers’ interest and increasing their trust when they have to decide which are the best solutions to their needs and demands. 50 years is not just a number, but a series of happening, events, feelings and experiences due to its association with a family’s life. Because VEKA is the daily partner of any family, for a very long time. Even for the entire life!” says Alexandru Oancea, Marketing Manager, VEKA Romania.

The story of the unique relationship between the calendar and the Munteanu family starts from the moment when the couple receives this durable gift, which is to last for the next 50 years, just like VEKA windows, and their life changes completely, as they are impatiently waiting day after day to turn a new page in the calendar. All consumers can take part at this daily “ritual” and discover the durability of the window profile frames, by pulling out all pages in the calendar posted on the campaign’s online page.

Moreover, the family members can start to plan all their personal projects with the help of the 50-year calendar, and even to foresee the outcome of some future events such as Romania’s qualification at the 2046 FIFA World Cup.

“The ideea of a 50-year calendar came out of our desire to give shape to a very long period of time, so that people realise what 50 years really mean. Thus, we created a wall calendar of huge sizes and developed the entire communication campaign around this peculiar item,” adds Victor Oprisan, Group Creative Director, MullenLowe.

“To write a funny script was the easy part, also considering my background in comedy, but the way to a final funny product is not that simple. Fortunately, we got the right recipe: a director who understands comedy like few Romanian directors understand it (Alex Cotet), some very talented actors who internalised their roles very well, improvising and building their characters and far exceeding what is usually expected from an advertising actor (Adi Ciglenean and Monica Ciuta), and a client who, despite facing an atypical execution for Romania, really believed in this idea (Alex Oancea),” says Raul Gheba, Copywriter, MullenLowe.

VEKA is in Romania a supplier of extruded window profile systems, exclusively of A class quality, according to the EN 12608 European standard. VEKA’s PVC profiles are designed for thermo-insulating window frame production and offer to clients premium customized solutions, available in 50 shades, as well as special design profiles who meet the highest aesthetic demands. 100% recyclable, these systems offer the ideal solution, in terms of thermal insulation, functionality, stability and ease of maintenance, as well as durability and environmental protection. Due to the A class exclusivity, the VEKA systems are more robust, more durable and ensure increased safety in operation.

VEKA’s 50-year calendar campaign is supported online and with a PR and social media component, being promoted by a series of endorsers who complement the communication mix.