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Lowe&Partners launched “The Loan Name Surname” campaign for Bancpost

Bucharest, 30 of May 2012 – Lowe&Partners has developed for Bancpost a new communication campaign for the personal loan product. The first step in developing the communication platform was the branding of the product. Both branding and the call to action “Choose the loan that suits you!” invites consumers to learn about the loan specially designed for each of them.

“Every client is unique and should be treated as such. Therefore we thought to offer him a special product, a loan that can be adjusted according to his needs and profile. We wanted a creative concept that would communicate very clearly the advantages of the new product and to strengthen the idea of an individual solution personalized for every customer”, says Stefania Cristescu Marketing & Communications Manager, The Division for Personal Loans, Bancpost.

“The idea came from the features of the product. The one thing missing was finding a name for it and make it public. We realized that one name was not enough for a product that can be personalized in so many ways, and so we came up with thousands of other names. One for each client. In the end, it turned out a fully integrated campaign that was developed across all communication channels “, says Mihai Fetcu – Creative Director Lowe & Partners.

For the campaign activation Lowe&Partners launched an innovative application where people were invited to search for their names on Google. The result was a loan named after them. . The activation then moved to the Pipera subway station, which was specially designed for this campaign. Here, people were invited to take pictures of those credit plans that were suitable for them and then to to participate in the contest on the Bancpost Facebook page.

The campaign is now on air and it will run until the end of June, in the media: TV, print, radio, online, OOH, POSM.

The team involved in this project includes:

  • –  Stefania Cristescu – Marketing & Communications Manager and Cristina Benu – from


  • –  Razvan Dumitrescu –Strategy Director, Mihai Fetcu – Creative Director, Marina

    Cordun – Copywriter, Claudia Pascu – Art Director, Ana Smultea – Account Manager, Cristina Popovici, Account Manager from Lowe&Partners.