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How to make your own luck, in the new Lowe&Partners campaign for Praktiker

Lowe&Partners launches a promotional campaign on Praktiker’s 10th anniversary on the Romanian market

Bucharest, September 11, 2012 – No matter how superstitious, fortunate or out of luck you are, Lowe&Partners created a campaign where everyone is a winner. Celebrating 10 years on the Romanian market, Praktiker wants to reward its loyal customers with plenty of prizes, including sales coupons, smartphones or cars.

To become a winner, you won’t need a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe or a chimney man, you will just have to shop around 100 lei between September 6 and 26. In this way, the creative concept developed by Lowe&Partners started from the chimney sweep characters, considered “responsible” for turning one’s day into a good one. This means Praktiker’s clients won’t need to bump into a chimney man in their way, because their luck is guaranteed. Over 149.000 prizes are waiting for them: 10 Skoda Citigo, 135 Samsung tablets, 270 Vodafone smartphones or sales coupons.

“In the month of September, if you shop at Praktiker you won’t need any luck, so you’d better forget about chimney man or any other lucky signs. Here you can make your luck with your own hands, or better said with your own shopping cart,” says Alexandru Micu, Art Director, Lowe&Partners.

“The new campaign will be running on all communication channels: TV, OOH, print, outdoor, radio, instore, online and social media – on the Facebook page of Praktiker Romania ( GolinHarris handled the PR strategy and the online communication was developed by HyperActive.

“For over 10 years we’ve been next to Romanians in some of the most important moments of their lives, like moving in a new home or shopping new furniture for the room of their first baby. Having built this strong relationship with our customers, we thought Praktiker should

be the place where things go exactly how they want to and where they can have the chance to build their luck by themselves,” said Mirela Ochiana, Marketing Manager Praktiker.


  • –  Praktiker: Mirela Ochiana – Marketing Manager, Raluca Mitroi – Senior Advertising Specialist
  • –  Lowe&Partners: Alexandru Micu – Senior Art Director, Luisa Leizeriuc – Senior Copywriter, Oana Şerban – Group Account Director, Mihaela Pegulescu – Account Manager, Elena Cernătescu – E-thinker
  • –  GolinHarris: Alina Chelu – Senior Manager, Roxana Diba – Manager, Consumer Division, Adriana Roşoga – Media Manager
  • –  Hyperactive: Andrei Nistor – Account Manager, Ramona Stanciuc – Account Executive, Mihai Arsene – Web design, Irimia Suleapa – Development Team Leader