HIS TITLE: Clear Translator Press Release // HER TITLE: This is a press release about the app developed by Clear and Lowe & Partners to facilitate the dialogue between men and women Posted on

“The difference between the two titles is the essence of our campaign. The first title was written by our colleague Lorente, while the second one shows how the same thing can be said by a woman, let’s call her Alina. The differences between men and women are and will remain a widely debated topic. It is about time to also take these differences into account when it comes to cosmetic products men are using.” Aura Sorescu Alboiu, Senior Copywriter, Lowe & Partners.

The ClearTranslator app is part of an interactive campaign developed exclusively in the online environment which aims to educate the male public on the importance of choosing a “gender” shampoo. The campaign targets the male audience, based on women’s perspective and is the way in which both Unilever and Lowe & Partners show men, in a playful way, that the 2 genders have separate needs.

Thus, the campaign takes the shape of an inter-gender dialogue facilitator, as concepts like beauty, care and other topics have different meanings for women and for men.

ClearTranslator is available on the Facebook Page Clear Romania from 14th March to 11th  April and will help men easily communicate with their ladies.

The app targets a mainly male audience and tries to awake their competitive spirit by offering a series of awards, from inscribed t-shirts to 3 video cams and a special video with and about them, created by Sector 7 and dedicated to her.

Lowe & Partners handled the creative and copy side, while Kubis Interactive managed the tech implementation of the app.

Project team:

Lowe & Partners: Manuela Gogu (Creative Director), Aura Sorescu (Senior Copywriter), Alina Nechita (Junior Art Director), Ruxandra Popescu (Account Executive), Diana Stancu Mottok (Account Director) and Elena Dospinescu (Digital Creative Manager)

Unilever: Ruxandra Ionescu (Jr. Brand Manager Hair Care) and Alma Dinu (Senior Brand Manager Personal Care)

Kubis Interactive: Gabriel Gavrilescu (Client Service Director), Cezara Bata (Account Manager)