Staropramen activation at SOUNDCZECH Posted on

Lowe&Partners developed a round of creative activations with music sounds played by bottles and cans of Staropramen

Bucharest, December 7, 2012. Staropramen unleashed the spirit of Prague at the SOUNDCZECH festival, a series of 11 contemporary czech music concerts, organized in partnership with the Czech Centre in 3 cities across the country. During the festival, Lowe&Partners developed an interactive digital application for all Staropramen consumers, inviting them to lead their own musical orchestra, made up of bottles, cans and pets.

„Staropramen and the music go together, hand in hand. Either it inspires you to listen to czech music, or it actually inspires you to create it, Staropramen is your best choice. This beer speaks to those spontaneous, who always look for new experiences and want to be surprised. For all those, the cultural barriers are not boundaries, but on the contrary, they are a magnet,” said Marko Njavro, Marketing Director, Bergenbier.

For a whole month, along jazz and electronic tunes, Staropramen consumers were invited to create their own musical works with help of the beer containers. Lowe&Partners created an interactive digital application which was simulating the sound of a tipically Prague orchestra. Just by stepping on a sensitive surface, which was placed in front of the musical keyboard (namely bottle, can or pet), you could create your own musical piece. The most talented 20 composers were rewarded for their inspiration with an unique prize: a singing bottle which was playing their exact own compositions.

„Apart from the usual products, consumers yearn for experiences. The Sensorial Orchestra, that’s how we named the application, helps you interact with the brand in a really special way that is doing wonders for the mood. Everyone who attended the event got the chance to be a composer for the day by simply conducting a beer glasses and bottles orchestra. All they had to do was jump on the markers on the floor and the beer bottles would then turn into music sounds, releasing the spirit of Prague city, which, in fact, represents the core of Staropramen brand,” said Alexandra Andone, Senior Account Manager, Lowe&Partners.