Lowe&Partners makes everyone admit that Bucegi Pate tastes good! Posted on

After winning the Bucegi pitch, organized by Scandia Food earlier this year, Lowe&Partners launched a communication campaign for Bucegi pate, which kicked off with a TVC developed around the great taste of the product. The TV campaign is supported by a national consumer promotion that will take place between May 18th and July 31st 2015.

In a highly competitive and dynamic marketplace, the communication strategy developed by Lowe&Partners, along with Pate Bucegi, the market leader for over 12 years, focuses on emphasizing the main attribute of the product, highlighted unanimously by its consumers: the good taste of Bucegi pate.

‘’The campaign has a clear focus and emphasizes with humor one of the most appreciated qualities of Bucegi pate: its taste. Bearing this in mind, the slogan that totally convinced us came up naturally. “Good Taste Is Recognizable” emphasizes one undeniable fact: the taste of Bucegi pate is appreciated even by the most demanding people!”, says Ana Burloiu, Brand Manager, Bucegi pate.

The TV spot highlights in a unique way the taste of the product, putting together two characters: Pavel Bartos, a celebrity beloved by Romanians, who plays the competitor in a culinary show and the highly demanding chef. When faced with the challenge of convincing the chef that he has prepared something truly special, Pavel decides to play it safe and focuses on the great taste of Bucegi pate, which will surely impress, while also using an original way of consuming the pate in order to enjoy it to the max: he flips the slice! Although he has his reserves before tasting the dish, the chef is delighted by its flavor, admitting that he ‘liiikes it!’’, because ‘’You Have To Admit It’s Good’’!

‘’In a humorous approach, together with Bucegi Pate and Pavel Bartos at the top of his game, we built a story that is based on the certainty that the good taste convinces everyone, but also on a new, unique way of consuming the product: the upside down slice’’, says Vasile Alboiu, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Group.

The TV campaign will run between May 18th and July 31st 2015 and will be supported by a national consumer promotion which will be amplified in online, social media and radio. The national consumer promotion “You Liiike Winning with Bucegi”, that will also run between May 18th and July 31st, invites consumers to sign up in the competition through SMS (1750) or on the website www.patebucegi.ro, by sending the unique codes behind the labels of Bucegi. By doing so, they can win Russell Hobbs home appliances or the grand prize of 10,000 EUR.

Project team:

Scandia Food:  Alexandra Bucur (Manager de Marketing) și Ana Burloiu (Brand Manager).

Lowe&Partners: Vasile Alboiu (Chief Creative Officer), Manuela Gogu (Creative Director), Victor Oprișan (Senior Art Director), Andrei Munteanu (Senior Copywriter), Alina Bălan (Client Service Director), Alina Floroian (Account Director), Adriana Tudoran (Account Manager), Ilinca Nanoveanu (A/V Specialist), Andreea Daniel (Account Manager).