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Lowe&Partners has been chosen to handle the promotion of mineral water brand ZIZIN on the Romanian market, after a complex selection process. The agency has developed the 1st awareness campaign for ZIZIN, whose objective is to achieve brand differentiation among consumers in a creative and original manner in an already crowded and vocal market.

The positioning proposed by Lowe&Partners is supported by the product itself, as it is a balanced mineral water with optimum minerals content and neutral PH and which offers the solution for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The partnership between the agency and the client has started with the first integrated campaign, “share the peace”, a campaign in which people become ZIZIN’s ambassadors as they share peace.

“Each day, people face conflicts, both at home or day to day life. These kind of moments generate an irritated state that can make people lose their patience and act impulsively. It is known, though, that a balanced person is much more likely to say “please forgive me” instead, and ZIZIN proposes a balanced lifestyle, more thought through and more understanding, hence the campaign’s concept” Diana Stancu Mottok, Account Director, Lowe&Partners.

The first flight of the campaign took place all over Romania between April and June and was communicated on outdoor,  radio and online channels.

The campaign continues with the winter flight with a TV commercial in which 2 of the outdoors’ characters are brought to life, sharing the peace in the family. The insight comes from the fact that the wife is a balanced person and she leaves aside the little arguments which may come from the man’s “unappropriated answers”. In this way, she enjoys the family peace and equilibrium.

Project team:

Lowe&Partners: Manuela Gogu (Creative Director), Andrei Munteanu (Copywriter), Victor Oprisan (Art Director), Elena Dospinescu (Digital Creative Manager), Diana Stancu-Mottok (Account Director), Ruxandra Popescu (Account Executive)

ZIZIN: Erhard Lorenz (Marketing Director), Georgiana Bogdan (Marketing Assistant), Mihai Parvulescu (Marketing Assistant)