Lowe and Bancpost are sending instalments on holiday, in the new advertising campaign for Bancpost Posted on

Lowe urges people to be cautious with the unexpected in the new TV ad promoting the Bancpost Name Surname with Holiday loan.

We all have moments when we would rather forget about instalments, especially when we find ourselves in unexpected situations: maybe because of the dog’s curiosity about the way the sofa tastes or maybe because of a broken fridge when retuning from holyday. In these circumstances you need a partner to help you. That partner is Bancpost, through the Name Surname with Holiday loan, the financial product that allows the beneficiary to send the instalment on holiday, for a month, in every year of the loan.

In order to highlight the way the credit loan works, Lowe team decided to present a different type of holiday journal –A MONTH’S JOURNAL WITHOUT HER. Thus, a man is thinking about making his wife a nice gift – an adorable puppy. Problems appear when the gift destroys the sofa, our main character sharing his mishap via a video journal. It all ends well because he has the possibility to send “her” on a holiday and fix everything. Just to be sure, we are talking about the instalment, not the wife!

“The Name Surname with Holiday loan meets our clients’ specific needs and is created especially for unexpected situations, by offering an instalment month free. In the communication campaign we wanted to highlight the products’ main benefit through a situation with which everyone can identify”, declared Teodora Saguna, Head of Retail Marketing & Communication Department, Bancpost.