“Book in a Bottle” – an unique activation concept from Lowe & Partners for Staropramen Posted on

For three years in a row Staropramen is a proud sponsor of the most important festival of performing arts in Romania – FITS (Sibiu International Theatre Festival).

In 2014 Staropramen together with Lowe & Partners set a new record for one of the most daring activation of a brand during the festival. Creatives from Lowe & Partners imagined “Book in a Bottle”, and created the Staropramen Library, a special supersized beer bottle-like-bookcase, 3 m height.

Staropramen offered its consumers the most precious and intimate cultural manifestation: a book of theatrical plays by famous writers, from Shakespeare to Eugene Ionesco, or from Samuel Beckett to I.L. Caragiale.

We installed in the middle of Piata Mare from Sibiu the big, impressive bookcase, and we offered people the chance to choose a book for free.