Damian Nuñez Chief Creative Officer

Damian Nuñez

Damian has previously worked for agencies across three totally different markets, from small creative boutiques to +500 people agencies. He started his career in some of the most prestigious agencies in Argentina, where he also taught Advertising Creativity and Art Direction at Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios in Buenos Aires and Siglo XXI University of Córdoba, Argentina. He went on to work for several years in Miami, Los Angeles and Dallas and, in 2016, he moved to Europe to experience the creative environment in Milan, before taking on the challenge to come to Romania.

Damian has collaborated with internationally renowned clients across multiple industries such as automotive, telecom, banking, retail and FMCG. His work has been recognized at prestigious regional and global festivals, and his most important awards span CCA (Argentinian Creative Circle), CLIO Awards, Effie Awards, El Sol (Ibero-American International Advertising Festival) Spain, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, FIAP (South American International Advertising Festival), Gramado (Festival Mundial de Publicidade de Gramado), Brazil, LIA (London International Awards) or New York Festival. He sat as a jury at festivals such as ADDYS Awards, FIAP, FICE Creativity and Strategy Ibero-American Festival, or the WINA Awards in Buenos Aires. He is a graduate in Art Direction at Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios, Buenos Aires and in Graphic Design at Universidad de Morón, Buenos Aires.

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