After winning the Bucegi pitch, organized by Scandia Food earlier this year, Lowe&Partners launched a communication campaign for Bucegi pate, which kicked off with a TVC developed around the great taste of the product. The TV campaign is supported by a national consumer promotion that will take place between May 18thand July 31st 2015.

The TV spot highlights in a unique way the taste of the product, putting together two characters: Pavel Bartos, a celebrity beloved by Romanians, who plays the competitor in a culinary show and the highly demanding chef. When faced with the challenge of convincing the chef that he has prepared something truly special, Pavel decides to play it safe and focuses on the great taste of Bucegi pate, which will surely impress, while also using an original way of consuming the pate in order to enjoy it to the max: he flips the slice! Although he has his reserves before tasting the dish, the chef is delighted by its flavor, admitting that he ‘liiikes it!’’, because ‘’You Have To Admit It’s Good’’!