The TVCs tell the story of the rush of emotions and enthusiasm taking over the buyers when they receive their green boxes and the only thing separating them from their dream object is the actual packaging. Paradoxically, the packaging represents an obstacle but also the first physical contact that the buyer has with the brand, as the green box is already an iconic element of the brands’ identity. Whereas most brands usually put their iconic brand identity elements on a pedestal, for, Lowe chose to disobey the rules and put the green box under the spotlight in a drastically different manner: by destroying it. The sabotage technique was used in order to emphasize the idea that the biggest joy comes from the actual order: the mix of good price, speedy delivery and the diversity of the portfolio. Furthermore, the campaign’s headline “joy comes from the inside” represents the high importance that places on the quality of the products it offers to its customers.[flowplayer id=”null”]