The Cousin campaign won a  GOLD Effie, fighting for the trophy with other campaigns developed for the banking industry, the tobacco industry and other ad sites. Our objective was to create a memorable character that people recognize and identify it with the values ​​promoted by the brand, which turned into the most popular advertising site in Romania in 2013. The support group for this campaign was Initiative and Golin.

“The EFFIE Awards annually honor the most effective advertising campaigns, so we are proud that this year our group agencies have developed or have been involved in the design and implementation of such campaigns. Lowe & Partners created The Cousin to fix everything that moves and so it became a loved character in popular culture. The “Points Anywhere” campaign developed for Bancpost is based on a creative concept, which urges them not to refuse a long desired vacation. I take this opportunity to thank all those involved in developing this campaign.” Veronica Savanciuc, President and CEO of Lowe & Partners.

The “Points Anywhere” campaign was awarded with BRONZE in the Financial Services category. Our objective was to attracts the attention of consumers in an unprecedented manner, by pointing out that no matter what you buy, Bancpost credit card users have double satisfaction – the joy of a new acquisition and the benefits returned instantly on the card. The creative concept was further developed in various real-life situations, since these assumptions have generated a delightful situation comedy that highlights the loyalty program mechanism attached to the Bancpost credit cards.