Bucharest, September 7th 2015

The new image campaign for SKOL was released on July 4th with a TV ad aired on the main Romanian TV stations, the media mix being completed by radio, transit, digital, OOH and trade materials. All executions are signed by Lowe.

The ad highlights the quality of SKOL beer, while using the original beer bottle opening tactic in order to suggest that a quality beer should be drunk as you want to.The concept behind the campaign was the result of an intensive strategic and creative process, supported by a powerful research component.

SKOL is the only mainstream beer with a 100% malt recipe, so we decided to focus on positioning it as a quality beer which can be drunk without the pretentious rituals of apremium beer. Creatively, this translated into a quality beer being opened, cooled and enjoyed as the consumer wants to, because good things should not be postponed. The campaign signature is borrowed from the day-to-day language of beer consumers and says, without any doubt, that going out for a beer is a very serious activity and any obstacle that might stand in your way should be exceeded. If you cannot open the beer, you have to find a solution. If there is no glass, you drink directly from the bottle and, in the end, if you want to drink a beer, you should choose a quality one, and by that we mean SKOL!