ZIZIN and MullenLowe have found the cure against the post-holiday blues Posted on

Are you feeling out of energy and do you miss the holiday travels, the days when you used to wake up late and the nights when you used to party until morning? Then you are most likely experiencing what experts call the post-holiday blues. This nostalgia usually touches every member of the family, starting with the first weeks of autumn. Fortunately, ZIZIN and MullenLowe have found the perfect solution – the still mineral water ZIZIN with neutral pH, which balances us and makes us think about the next holiday… the winter one.

“Once we get back to the office or school, we all long for the good weather and for the holidays spent with our family or friends. Because we all know how difficult it is to wait until the next vacation, we have developed a new project that presents an easier way to get through this harsh time – drink ZIZIN natural mineral water and participate in the promotional campaign. Besides the awards that match the cold season – hats and scarves, we have prepared for consumers unforgettable holidays with their families, to share the peace either in the land of Santa Claus or on Romanian lands,” says Georgiana Bogdan, Marketing & PR Specialist, ZIZIN.

The campaign “Holiday has finished, ZIZIN sends you back on holiday!” runs from 10 October to 4 December 2016 and lays on the line prizes such as a Christmas trip to Lapland and 4 holidays in Romania. For creating the TV spot and visuals, MullenLowe brings back into the spotlight the protagonists of the last year’s campaign: the lion-woman and the antelope-man, properly equipped for the cold season and prepared for a new holiday experience.

“For the promotion of the campaign, we started from the premise that what motivates us most when we return from holiday is planning the next one. Therefore we  came up with a new foray into the antelope-lioness’ life to show consumers how to cure nostalgia with the natural mineral water ZIZIN and also how they can solve the dilemma related to the winter holiday destination, if they join the ZIZIN promotion,” adds Andrei Munteanu, Group Creative Director, MullenLowe.

For a perfect balance, the promotion mix includes TV and radio spots, as well as an online component.

The ZIZIN team that shares the peace in this new campaign includes Laura Lazăr (Chief Executive Officer), Laurențiu Lazăr (Board President), Georgiana Bogdan (Marketing & PR Specialist) and Mihai Pârvulescu (Marketing Specialist).

From MullenLowe: Eugen Suman (Executive Creative Director), Victor Oprișan (Group Creative Director), Andrei Munteanu (Group Creative Director), Ilinca Nanoveanu (A/V Manager), Alina Bălan (Client Service Director) and Andra Panaitescu (Account Manager).

Other agencies involved in this campaign: Profero (digital) and Initiative (media).