Toneli Holding – a new client in Lowe’s portfolio Posted on

Bucharest, September 28th 2015

As of August, Lowe is the creative agency selected by Toneli Holding to handle the communication for Toneli Family and Ovital brands. Lowe will be responsible for the development and implementation of the communication campaign that will be launched this autumn.

 “As the leader of a very competitive market, Toneli Holding has decided to assume a pioneering role in the communication of this business segment. We chose Lowe team as partners because of their experience in retail communication, especially food, drinks and nutrition. Moreover, we were rapidly convinced by the proposed creative concepts, as they are a perfect match with our brands’ DNA”, says Andreea Constantinescu, Marketing Manager, Toneli Holding.

Lowe has extensive experience in FMCG communication, especially in the food & drinks category. The agency prides itself on developing dozens of integrated communication projects,  created and implemented in recent years for brands such as Beck’s, Delikat, Kinder, Merci, Pate Bucegi, SKOL, TicTac, Toffifee or ZIZIN.

“The context of the cooperation with Toneli is a rare and challenging one for any creative agency, because we are talking about a virgin segment, in which no player has communicated so far. It was very interesting for us to think about concepts that will pave the way in this market and we are eager to launch the campaigns. Until then, I can say firmly that we have a brave client, who trusted our recommendation and supported us in developing a disruptive strategy, which is always a pleasure”, added Alina Balan, Client Service Director, Lowe.

With a 24-year history in Romania, Toneli Holding is the leader, value wise, of the market it operates in, within the IKA segment, according to retail category audit developed by the research company Nielsen. On a daily basis, more than 1.3 million Toneli eggs are consumed in Romania.

*Calculus made based on the Nielsen data from the KAI service for consumption eggs (reported in the Toneli Holding personalized data base), market share value, for February 2014 – January 2015 at KAI level (Copyright © 2015, The Nielsen Company).