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A new campaign for Praktiker signed by MullenLowe

Most of the times, older or lower quality products get broken in worst moments, risking to create some real household drama. This sounds like one of Murphy’s laws, applied in the new campaign for Praktiker signed by MullenLowe which draws attention that some things are really worth changing.

“Through this new campaign, we wish to emphasize the importance of the quality of the products in a household for the people living in it. Things of a questionable quality or improvised ones always let us down, exactly when we least expect it. In order to enjoy the confort and security we wish to feel at home, it is essential to equip our home with products we can walys rely on, just like the ones we can find in Praktiker stores”, says Mirela Ochiană, Marketing Manager, Praktiker.

The campaign has three different tv executions that illustrate three situations in which any of us coud find themselves in. The first ad that runs on the main TV stations presents a funny and completely reasonable moment, happening right during the wedding day, when everything should go around flawlessly. The second ad illustrates another household scene where a broken product creates tensions, while the third execution shows how an item that isn’t working properly in the morning can ruin your entire day.

“How many times, when something in your house started back-kicking, did you say ’it’s not broken yet, we’ll fix it somehow’ or ’it will still work for a little while’ and then it got broken at the worst moment? J It is funny when you see it from outside or when you remember it, but in that very moment it doesn’t seem that hilarious. Then you realize that some things are really worth changing”, says Dan Costea, Senior Art Director, MullenLowe.

The campaign will run throughout this year and has as main objectives the understanding of how important the quality of the products you buy is for your household, as well as indicators for raising brand awareness and sales. The communication mix is completed by OOH, radio, online and instore.

The Praktiker team involved in this campaign is made out of Mirela Ochiană (Marketing Manager) and Melania Ioan (Senior Marketing Specialist).

From MullenLowe: Alin Marghidanu (Group Creative Director), Dan Costea (Senior Art Director), Ilinca Nanoveanu (A/V Producer), Alina Bălan (Client Service Director), Adriana Tudoran (Account Director), Bianca Iancu (Account Executive) and Ionela Tatu (Account Manager).

The campaign ads were done in collaboration with Saga Film production house, and Constantin Popescu was the director.

The first ad:

The second one:

And the third one: