SKOL and Lowe did it again – “We drink beer or we drink beer” Posted on

A new TV ad for SKOL beer, signed by Lowe


Bucharest, December 17 2015

“We drink beer or we drink beer” campaign, developed and implemented by Lowe for SKOL brand, continues this winter with a new TV advertisement.

“Last summer we proved that a quality beer could be opened the way you want it to, because quality is all that matters – this being the main functional attribute of SKOL. This winter we decided to go a step further and catch our audience’s attention with a new challenge for our four SKOL friends, a challenge that would test the limits to their desire for quenching the thirst with SKOL, no matter what. In the end, the message is loud and clear: we drink beer or we drink beer”, says Paul Markovits, Marketing Vice-president, URBB.   

The second TV ad created by Lowe for SKOL clarifies the fact that a quality beer can be cooled however you want. “We froze and thawed pints of SKOL dozens of times until the drop of beer flowed exactly the way we wanted. All this was happening around 05:30 in the morning. It was a small local marathon, but it was worth it. The line of one of the characters – “Da-ul” (Yes) said in a very particular manner, while the boys were waiting for the beer to cool, has now become an inside joke within the agency. Since then, we are always looking for occasions to replicate that “Da” as close as possible to the original. In the end…we film ads or we film adsJ”, added Vasile Alboiu, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Group.

The ad airs on the main TV stations and the communication mix is completed through radio, transit, digital, OOH and trade materials.

The TV ad can be seen: