OMO and MullenLowe communicate the importance of… stains in children’s development Posted on

The „Creativity vs. stains” experiment, created by MullenLowe, completes the global campaign adapted by the agency after winning the OMO pitch

Bucharest, 7th July 2016

Children create and experiment through dirt, but each stain can be a touchstone for mothers. In order to help creativity fight the stains, OMO and MullenLowe have carried out an innovative local experiment in which they show mothers that their worries should not inhibit the development of their children.

The experiment was made in order to offer a local flavor to OMO’s global campaign, which was adapted in Romania by MullenLowe, after winning a pitch with the PR agency Golin, OMO discovering the best formula for a complete communication campaign.

“We wanted to bring this tradition brand that is so appreciated and loved in Romania into a different life stage, one in which the particularization of the communication is very important, the reason for which we decided to work with MullenLowe, an agency that has developed relevant local content, adapted to the Romanian market. OMO comes back today in force, with a new formula, the most complete and performant so far, and we needed a communication partner to suit us. We felt that MullenLowe’s proposals, perfectly completed with the PR expertise offered by the Golin team, have synthesized those elements that define the new positioning and that communicate with our public in an integrated way,” said Monica Tamaș, Senior Brand Building Manager Laundry, Unilever South Central Europe.

“OMO is a dream brand that has made history in the communication of this category. Moreover, today it also has a dream team with whom we clicked from the very first moment. To us, the detergents’ category remains one of our first loves – OMO was one of the international brands we have been working with since we founded the agency. Today, together with Golin, we continue to write the story of OMO in Romania, through a campaign which is already very dear to us,” says Alina Bălan, Client Service Director, MullenLowe.

Let your child get dirty today to become whatever he/she wants tomorrow is the philosophy under which the whole OMO communication platform is built, promoting the experimental education and encouraging parents to guide their children to exploration and experiments. On this note, OMO and MullenLowe put mothers face to face with the dirt made by their children while testing their reactions. Left with the impression of taking part in a casting for their children, the mothers were surprised to find out that they were actually the leading actors and that they exaggerated towards the fun of their children. Here is a short movie of the experiement

The OMO campaign was launched with a TV spot that demonstrates the importance of stains in child development. In order to become what they want  when they grow up, they should have the permission to play, to experiment and to discover everything that surrounds them, without having the fear of getting dirty and that’s why OMO comes in hand to help the parents.

The promotion mix is completed by OOH, in-store, online, BTL, social media and a strong PR component handled by Golin.

The OMO team was made up of Monica Tamaș (Senior Brand Building Manager Laundry), Cristina Moraru (Brand Building Manager Laundry) and Irina Banu (Brand Building Executive OMO).

The MullenLowe team included Manuela Gogu (Creative Integration Director), Simina Zidaru (Copywriter), Dan Costea (Senior Art Director), Alina Bălan (Client Service Director), Adriana Tudoran (Account Director), Ionela Tatu (Account Manager) and Bianca Iancu (Senior Account Executive).

From Golin: Roxana Dibă (Manager, Consumer Division), Livia Voicu (Senior Media Associate), Bianca Cenușescu (Junior Media Associate) and Raluca Duță (Chief of The Bridge).