Lowe extended its partnership with Scandia Food by creating a campaign for pate Bucegi Junior Posted on

Children’s day was celebrated by Scandia Food and Lowe with the launch of a new brand image campaign, this time for Pate Bucegi Junior, a product that was created especially for the kids. This product, which is a very unique one, because is the only one from its category that does not contain any additives and that has very low percentages of fat (3.7%) and salt (0.8%), will be the star of a new 15 seconds TV commercial. The ad was aired on children’s interest channels for an entire month from the 17th of June until the 17th of July.

“Pate Bucegi Junior is a much loved brand, especially by mothers who want to be sure that their children have a well balanced diet. Furthermore, this is the first paté dedicated to kids and it is a product that wants to also feed their mind, because it comes in a special packaging that contains creative puzzles, created in collaboration with Disney. With this TV campaign, the agency managed to emphasize the combination of positive characteristics that makes this product a snack that children would really appreciate”, said Alexandra Bucur, Marketing Director at Scandia Food.

On a daily basis, two of the main concerns that mothers have are related to the way that they can offer healthy, yet delicious snacks for their children and how they can keep them entertained during meals. The solution to both of these problems was offered by the agency in a funny, animated way. Furthermore, this year was the first time that the brand was promoted through a TV commercial.

The commercial for Bucegi Junior can be seen here:

“We all know that when you have children, you want to offer them the best meals, but the chances of a kid getting bored during a meal are directly proportional to the chances of him abandoning his snack on his plate. Pate Bucegi Junior takes care of both hunger and boredom, through a product without any additives, and this is the main message of the TV campaign. We want to communicate to their mothers that this is the right snack for the kids”, said Vasile Alboiu, Chief Creative Officer.