Lidl and MullenLowe are searching for the 10,000 Euro recipe in Romanians’ pantry Posted on

Bucharest, 6th March 2017

The pantry is that place of the house where stories are naturally conserved, food tastes of childhood and its secrets are passed from generation to generation. From this space – physical or symbolic – Lidl was inspired two years ago, when it launched Cămara Noastră (Our Romanian Pantry), the brand that reunites Romanian traditional products. Following a selection process organized by the retailer at the end of 2016, MullenLowe has been appointed to develop the communication campaign of Cămara Noastră for this year – Căutătorii de cămări (The Pantry Hunters). This is how the rush for the most authentic and tastiest recipes from the Romanian households began.

“Cămara Noastră is a strategic pillar because it symbolizes Lidl’s concern to respond to local needs and preferences, as well as to promote authentic Romanian values. To bring local traditional products from Lidl stores closer to a wider audience, we chose to implement the creative solutions proposed by the MullenLowe team. Thus, we look forward to discovering that unique and delicious recipe that will complement the Romanian specialties offer on our shelves”, says Cristina Hanganu, Communication Director and CSR, Lidl România.

Cămara Noastră is a range of store brand products – exclusively Romanian – launched by Lidl in the autumn of 2015, which highlights the retailer’s relationship with the local suppliers, from which it carefully collected the most popular recipes to recognize Romania’s culinary tradition. This year, the brand will be promoted with the help of a new creative concept signed by MullenLowe.

Our mission, to take Cămara Noastră to a new level through a campaign that truly captures Romanians, in the spirit of Lidl’s brand platform, wasn’t easy, but we enjoyed enormously to be challenged in this direction”, adds Alina Bălan, Client Service Director, MullenLowe.

The campaign developed by MullenLowe highlights the local, authentic origin of the Cămara Noastră offer. With the help of the Pantry Hunters – a brigade of specialists composed of Chef Florin Dumitrescu and Andrei Aradits, Lidl will identify the tastiest and most original recipe from Romanians households, which will be awarded with 10,000 Euro. Moreover, the winning product will be added, at the end of the campaign, on Lidl stores’ shelves and will precisely follow the original recipe.

„We started from the insight that every Romanian householder is proud of at least one product from his/her pantry – whether it’s a mushroom zakuska, a pickling recipe nobody else knows or a special jam. This is how we’ve reached the idea that any consumer deserves to be taken by surprise with Romanian authentic products, intensively searched for in the best kept pantries in the country,” adds Eugen Suman, Executive Creative Director, MullenLowe.

The Pantry Hunters is a 360 campaign, run with the support of Golin (PR) and Initiative (media), which covers all communication channels – TV, radio, print, OOH, HHZ & catalogue, digital, PR, social media, in-store. The TV ad was created with the help of the production company Saga Film and of the director Radu Bărbulescu.

Our Romanian Pantry includes over 80 products in the Romanian Week, part of them being found in the retailer’s permanent offering, originated exclusively from local producers as a result of a comprehensive research in which Lidl purchasers looked for authentic Romanian recipes and tastes all over the country.

From MullenLowe: Silviu Antohe (Art Director), Radu Nantu (Copywriter), Manuela Gogu (Creative Integration Director), Ilinca Nanoveanu (AV Manager), Cristina David (Account Executive), Andra Panaitescu (Account Manager), Adrian Chiuhan (Head of Strategy), Alina Bălan (Client Service Director), Eugen Suman (Executive Creative Director).

Golin is represented by Roxana Dibă (Director, Consumer Division), Casiana Ionașcu (Senior Media Associate), Bianca Cenușescu (Junior Media Associate), Cătălina Soare (Digital Manager) and Alexandra Alboiu (Junior Digital Associate), and Initiative by Ruxandra Ștefan (Strategy & Planning Director), Dan Togea (Senior Media Planner), Ana Deacu (Junior Media Planner), Anca Ionescu (Head of Unit & Account Director), Lavinia Mitran (Digital Media Planner), Cosmin Oțel (Digital Strategy Director).