Launch of Knorr “Legume in bucate” in Romania Posted on

Lowe & Partners sign the launching campaign Knorr-Legume în Bucate
The integrated communication campaign has as central element the platform developed by Lowe & Partners

Launched in early October, the campaign,”Test and Knorr rewards you” supports the benefits of the new Knorr product –”Legume în Bucate” which innovates the world of spices, with ten times more vegetables than the grains format.

„Consumers have played a key role in the creating stage of Knorr – Legume în Bucate, that is why we wanted to continue our dialogue with them and to engage our costumers with the help of a culinary platform. We decided to talk to them about the new product through experiences and, moreover, to challenge them to try the new product in their own kitchens. Thus, came to life. The first step was to test ourselves the new spice with the help both of Knorr’s chefs and culinary bloggers” said Anca Ditu – Account Director Lowe&Partners.

Lavinia Stejereanu (Bucătar sub acoperire), Brînduşa Şcheaua (Reţete de suflet), Antonina Sociu (Dulcegării culinare), Andreea Scăeşteanu (Gurmandino) and Andreea Jugănaru (Andreea’s Chinesefood Blog) represent the bloggers invited by the PR agency GolinHarris and Lowe to cook with the new spice, who have also shared their experiences with the readers.

Afterwards, the challenge was launched to the cooking enthusiasts through a mechanism of contest that rewarded those who uploaded their recipes on the site, by drawing lots, with one cooking set weekly or four small household appliances monthly.

“We try to live up to the expectations and requirements of Romanian consumers. Housewives were our inspiration in developing this product. And they wanted vegetables, many vegetables, large pieces of vegetables, as we use to prepare at home, less salt and the perfect taste. This is the description of the ideal spice and we are proud to offer it to Romanians, exactly as they want it in the new and revolutionary “Knorr – Legume in Bucate”. It is revolutionary because it contains 10 times more vegetables”, said Daniel Barbulescu, Marketing Manager Unilever Foods & Ice Cream.

The integrated campaign signed by Lowe & Partners and GolinHarris ended in November 30th and has consisted of: TV spot, press and outdoor campaign adapted by Lowe & Partners, promotional activation campaign, online and media relations components. An important aspect was the very first moment of this project: choosing the name of the new product Knorr-Legume în bucate, original creation of Lowe & Partners.

The team involved in the development of the project is composed of: Daniel Bărbulescu – Marketing Manager Foods, Ruslan Romaniuc – Brand Manager Savoury and Andreea Ioniţă – Marketing Intern from Unilever, Anca Diţu – Account Director, Mihai Fetcu – Creative Director, Elena Cernătescu – e-thinker and Corina Angearu – Account Manager from Lowe & Partners and Alina Popa – PR Manager, Raluca Mihăilă- Events Manager, Roxana Dibă – Social Media Officer from GolinHarris Bucharest.