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Lowe & Partners took Kinder Pingui and Kinder Milk Slice to ice skate

The latest communication campaign for the two refrigerated products from the Kinder range has been supported offline by a special activation project at the ice rink and online by special applications for iPads and Facebook

The campaign aims to highlight the special category that Kinder Pingui and Kinder Milk Slice are part of – refrigerated products. Lowe came up with the idea of exploiting a consistent territory with the positioning of the category “Kinder from ice”: and so the idea of using the ice rink took shape, where brands could get loose and naturally fit in, offering the little ones another reason to have fun.

„Although, Kinder Milk Slice and Kinder Pingui are in the same place on the shelves, they differ in composition, aspect and in their use. If Kinder Milk Slice is more nutritious, containing 40% milk, which makes it the ideal snack for children, Kinder Pingui is rather suitable for a dessert when children return from school” said Silvia Butolo, Brand Manager for Kinder refrigerated products category.

In order to support the objectives of the campaign, the media agency Initiative has identified the best media support, Afi Palace Cotroceni ice rink, and they have extended the idea from a classic ice rink branding to a more complex project, by arranging the stand area, adjacent to the ice rink. Therefore, the stands have become the main attraction of the Food Court area during the winter holidays.

On an area of approximately 100 sqm, Lowe & Partners team has created a space for games and interaction. “The ice rink was the perfect medium for our message; it is by definition the “coldest” place where children and parents get together. So, here … “the Kinder world from ice” was unleashed: penguins, songs and dance, games,

imaginary tools for measuring hunger, singing clocks, nutritious snacks and lots and lots of fun” said Marina Cordun, Copywriter Lowe & Partners.

The activation takes place from November to December, the two brands each having dedicated weekends.

Carrying on the positioning of Kinder Pingui, as a playful and cute brand as well as the idea of the latest TV spot adapted by Lowe & Partners, the agency has brought the penguins family on the ice rink. Lowe has arranged stands with winter games, the rocks and the stands have been decorated with igloos, Kinder Pingui penguins and lots of snow. In online, the campaign’s component developed by the interactive agency HyperActive teamed up with a special game on the Facebook page of the product. Users were invited to adopt and raise a penguin. They can feed virtually their penguin with a sweet from the refrigerator, they can also play with them listening to music, fighting with snow or even dancing with them.

During the weekends dedicated to Kinder Pingui world, children who buy 3 products could win a free ride on the ice rink, including the renting of the skates.

Kinder Slice went also in online with “the inventing” of a new tool: tumgraph, an iPad application with which children can play in Afi Palace Cotroceni, but also on the webpage With its help, our promoters “measure hunger”, scan children’s stomach before and after they eat Kinder Milk Slice. To remind consumers that hunger can be compensated with a slice of milk, Lowe put a clock that rings between meals in the mall. The stand area was decorated with milk-slice-shaped couches and armchair that suggest the large quantity of milk contained by the product. Weekly sweepstakes are held and children can win free ice skating courses.

The team involved in the development of the project consists of:
– Silvia Butolo – refrigerated products category Kinder, Camelia Dâu – Senior Brand Manager Kinder;
– Ana Smultea – Senior Account Manager; Răzvan Dumitrescu: Strategy Director; Ioana Vulcan – Jr. Account Executive, Marina Cordun – Copywriter, Claudia Pascu – Art Director, from Lowe & Partners;
– Andreea Dinescu – Account Director&Head of Unit and Sânziana Florescu – Outdoor Manager from Initiative;

– Alexandra Trofin – Account Manager, Bogdan Gheorghiu – Creative Director; Laura Mihăilescu – Senior Account Executive, Alina Răduţ- Web Designer, Anca Muscalu – Copywriter and Robert Sumarocov – Flash Developer from HyperActive.