Farmec and MullenLowe reveal the secret of Romanian women’s beauty Posted on

The new Gerovital Plant campaign promotes Romanian women’s beauty as a national brand

Bucharest, April 5th, 2016

The platform created by MullenLowe reveals a faultless truth about the product – that Gerovital Plant is the number 1 ally for Romanian women when it comes to beauty.

Beyond the fact that Farmec products have been alongside Romanian women for decades, that they are handed over from generation to generation and, still, constantly reinvented, beyond the fact that they are made in Romania, following 100% Romanian recipes and that, probably, there is no Romanian woman that hasn’t cared for her complexion with Gerovital, the thought of the campaign is one of substance and statistics, as the Gerovital Plant face cream is one of the best-selling products from Farmec, being launched on the market in 1985.

„The fact that Romanian women are beautiful is no longer a secret; on different forums, according to international studies, in the stories of those who visit our country, everywhere people talk about Romania, this leit-motif of the beauty of our women is mentioned. And as the most asked question addressed to a beautiful woman is What’s your secret?, we came to the conclusion that it is time to offer the answer J. This is pretty much the way the idea for this platform was born and we are very happy about joining this territory with the Gerovital brand, undoubtedly the brand that is most legitimate to build on this territory”, says Manuela Gogu, Creative Integration Director MullenLowe.

The campaign takes place between April 8th and May 22nd and it communicates the launch of the Gerovital Plant range in a new formula, developed by researchers in Cluj – containing organic poppy oil and, as usual, is preservative free.

„We began this journey searching for a creative platform to communicate the launch of the new Gerovital Plant range. However, we felt like it was the right moment to strongly enter the emotional area; rationally, our products are being validated each day by the million Romanians that use them; therefore there is no doubt that the Gerovital Plant products are very good and loved. Therefore, through this communication platform, we move on to the next level of our relationship with our consumers: we’ve set our minds on this and we truly believe that, together with MullenLowe, we managed to discover a relevant brand territory, on which we will be able to build a constructive dialog for a long while from now on”, states Ioana Borza, Marketing Manager, Farmec.

The campaign is promoted through a TV commercial, that runs on the most important TV stations. The promotional channel mix is completed by print, online, POS and a robust PR component, done by the Golin agency.

The Farmec team involved in this campaign consists of Ioana Borza (Marketing Manager), Raluca Danciu (Marketing Specialist), Claudia Palacian (Brand Manager) and Alina Dragos (PR Manager).

The MullenLowe team includes Vasile Alboiu (Chief Creative Officer), Manuela Gogu (Creative Integration Director), Victor Oprisan (Group Creative Director), Simina Zidaru (Copywriter), Ilinca Nanoveanu (A/V Manager), Alina Balan (Client Service Director), Andra Panaitescu (Account Manager) and Cristina David (Junior Account Executive).