„Creation Lab. The Kids’ Theatre” campaign for Kinder Delice Posted on

„Creation Lab. The Kids’ Theatre.”

Presented by Lowe&Partners, HyperActive and GolinHarris for Kinder Delice

Bucharest, June 18, 2012 ­ Lowe&Partners signed the communication campaign for Kinder Delice, Ferrero, a campaign which ran for almost 2 months.

“Kinder Delice supports the great talents of the little ones, whatever those would be: painting, dancing, singing, theatre or plastery. The campaign initiatied by Lowe&Partners followed our vision and objectives and its success opens doors for new projects“, says Adriana Novac, Brand Manager Ferrero.

Lowe&Partners, HyperActive and GolinHarris teamed up with Ferrero to develop an integrated campaign, handling strategic & creative services, online, PR and BTL.

The campaign was launched in April and it first ran online, targeting mums with children between 7 and 12 years old, who are using the internet mainly to socialize and who always look up for new information about how to raise their child. HyperActive created a new section on the website www.kinder.ro, where parents were invited to sign up their kids in the competition of great talents. Parents were invited to load a short video of their kid reciting a poem or singing his favorite song in a play at school. The project was promoted in the online communities of parents, on banners and newsletter.

The whole idea of “ Creation Lab. The Kid’s Theatre” Kinder Delice was meant to uncover the world behind the curtains and so, to help children express themselves and show their talent for acting. It was a tactical action where online communication combines perfectly with the offline”, says Ana Smultea, Senior Account Manager, Lowe&Partners.

The jury who voted the winners of the campaign were represented by artists from the Tandarica Theatre in Bucharest.

The 5 winners were awarded a truly complex program, where they could practise their talent for acting. The workshop was held by the artists from Tandarica Theatre and was meant to teach kids a number of acting techniques like the actor preparation for the stage or how to make a mask. The panel included also dancing & singing classes and puppet shows.

“You don’t often get the chance to run a campaign in online which turns into a cultural event. We didn’t want to go for the classic caravans in the preselection round. Just by simply adding a new section on the website and by developing an efficient media campaign we managed to attract a lot of contestants. This project changed lifes, not only of those who were involved directly, but also of those who watched the shows”, says Alexandra Trofin, Account Manager HyperActive.

Over 400 contestants from Bucharest and from around the country stayed with the little ones and watched their big break, the first play in their career as actors.

Several Romanian public faces, among which Andreea Antonescu, Sorin Brotnei from Akcent, Daniela Aciu from Amna, the actress Ana Popescu, Irina Mohora (TVR), Cristina Soloc (TVR) and his son, joined the campaign and watched the play starring the 5 little heroes Kinder Delice. By being present at the play, each of them was given 20 tickets at a play, tickets that will be donated to disadvantaged kids.


Camelia Dau ­ Senior Brand Manager and Adriana Novac ­ Brand Manager, Ferrero

Ana Smultea – Senior Account Manager, Ioana Vulcan – Account Executive, Alecu Adriana ­ Junior Account Executive, Catinca Nicoara – Jr. Art Director, Lowe&Partners;

Alexandra Trofin ­ Account Manager, Mihaela Nachi ­ Account Executive, Vlad Macarie ­Art Director, Celia Draganoaia – Copywriter, Robert Sumarocov ­ Flash developer, Daniel Dobre ­ Front End, Hyperactive;

Alina Popa –Manager Consumer Division, Anca Scarlat ­ Media Associate, Diana Bucuroiu – Associate Community Manager, GolinHarris.